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. Live Mandarin Chinese classes whenever and wherever

. 1-on-1 instant Mandarin Chinese Lessons online

. Highly qualified private Chinese teachers

. Flexible Schedules


Professional Tutors

Our Chinese tutors are accredited language

teachers and native speakers of Mandarin.

With rich experience in Chinese instruction,

our team has received positive reviews from

students for their engaging style and

mastery of the teaching material.

Flexible Classes

Learn Chinese anytime on your computer,

mobile phone, or iPad.

One-on-one classes ensure teachers

meet your personal needs.

Advanced Management System

Advanced Management System,

Make it easy for you to manage your class time.

Automatic email alert,

Make sure you don't miss every lesson.

Time zone is supported,

Don't worry about time zone switching.

HSK Test Prep Class Course

1.Designed for non-native Chinese speakers who are preparing to take the HSK.

2.Covers topics like daily life, culture, tourism, social life, etc.

3.The series consists of 9 volumes divided into 6 levels.

Each volume will take 45-120 class sessions.

4.Intensive HSK test prep courses for Level 4 and Level 5 are provided.

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New Practical Chinese Reader

1.The Practical Chinese Reader, compiled by Chinese experts from China

and Canada,is highly acclaimed by foreign students at Chinese universities.

2.The series focuses on topics and situations (greetings, introductions, etc.).

3. Each volume will require 50-60 classes to complete.

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Kuaile Hanyu Series

1.Suitable for teenagers; Focuses on enabling

students to learn Chinese in natural conditions.

2. After completing Kuaile Hanyu, students

will be ready to take HSK Level 3.

3.The series consists of 3 volumes. Each volume requires 60 classes.

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1. LEARN CHINESE WITH ME covers the topics of daily communication, basic necessities of life, school life, family life, food and health, pastimes, environment and society, transportation and geography, and traditional Chinese culture.

2. Each section consists of 6 units with a review lesson for the main contents to reappear. At the end of each unit, there is a summary that may help students to sum up what they have just learned.

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Marina holds a B.A. in Traditional Chinese Medicine from

Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine.

She has over 5 years of experience teaching all levels of

Mandarin Chinese to foreign students.

She currently teaches online at MyOnlineChinese for Chinese

learners. Marina’s outgoing personality makes her a good fit for

taking care of kids and teaching younger students.

She is also very creative, an attribute she brings to teaching.

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