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Contemporary Chinese!

Contemporary Chinese-1 contents

第一课 您贵姓 What's Your Surname

第二课 认识你很高兴 Glad to Meet You

第三课 你家有几口人 How Many People Are There in Your Family

第四课 这张地图是英文的 This Map Is in English

第五课 能不能试一试 May I Try

第六课 明天打算干什么 What Are You Going to Do Tomorrow

第七课 你什么时候回来 When Will You Come Back

第八课 附近有没有银行 Is There a Bank Nearby

Contemporary Chinese-2 contents

第一课 我以前养过鸟儿 I've Raised Birds Before

第二课 她去医院了 She Has Gone to the Hospital

第三课 他们是什么时候来的 When Did They Come?

第四课 今天你穿得真漂亮 You're Dressed So Beautiful Today

第五课 我家乡的天气比这儿好 The Weather in My Hometown Is Better Than Here

第六课 我老家在东北 My Hometown Is in the Northeast

第七课 我学过半年汉语 I Have Studied Chinese for Half a Year

第八课 火车票卖完了 The Train Tickets Have Been Sold Out

第九课 现在就可以搬进去 You Can Move in Right Now

第十课 我恐怕听不懂 I'm Afraid I Don't Understand

第十一课 我把钱包忘在车上了 I've Left My Wallet in The Car

第十二课 差点儿被汽车撞了一下 I Was Nearly Knocked Down by a Car

Contemporary Chinese-3 contents

第一课  红叶 Red Autumm Leaves

第二课  花心萝卜 Radish with A Fancy Core

第三课  别跟自己过不去 Don't Be So Hard on Yourself

第四课   各有所爱 Each to His Own Taste

第五课  找不着北 Getting Lost

第六课  他们很有耐心 They Are Very Patient

第七课  叫什么好 What's a Good Name?

第八课  端午节的故事 The Story of the Dragon Boat Festival

第九课  孔夫子搬家 Confucius Moving House

第十课  还是庄重点儿好 Better Be a little More Serious

第十一课  “要”还是“借” To "Take" or To "Borrow"

第十二课  买支红玫瑰 Buy a Red Rose

Contemporary Chinese-4 contents

第一课  为什么工作 Why Does One Work?

第二课  我真想辞职 I Really Feel Like Resigning

第三课  实在没办法 There Is Simply No Alternative

第四课  老师有请 The Teacher Has Requested It

第五课  中彩 Winning The Lottery

第六课  双塔对话 A Dialogue Between Two Towers

第七课  上网 Surfing the Internet

第八课  男人难还是女人难 Is it Harder To Be a Man or a Woman?

第九课  回心转意 Changing One's Mind

第十课  可怜天下父母心 Pity the Hearts of All Parents

第十一课  安乐死与“安乐活” Euthanasia and "Happy-Peaceful Life"

第十二课  入乡随俗 When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do