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If you have to postpone an appointment, we ask that you please do the following:
Send us an email at: at least ONE day in
advance - or at least 2 hours in advance if you cannot do the lesson on that day.
If you do NOT do this, we will charge you for the lesson. Likewise,
if there is some reason that we cannot do the lesson, we will send you
an email to inform you - 1 day in advance or at least 2 hours before the lesson.
If we keep you waiting during the whole lesson,
we will give you 1 additional lesson at no charge.


If you would like a temporary pause in your lessons:
If you are away for any reason, and you would like to suspend your lessons,
please inform us ahead of time. To temporarily suspend your lessons,
simply send us an email to inform us.
Also, please send us an email 1 day before you wish to continue your lessons.


Money-back Guarantee: Money-back guarantee is for first-time students only.
As a first-time student, if you are not satisfied with our service,
you can cancel your subscription within 10 days.
You will only be charged for the taken classes and we will refund the rest of the money.