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1. What kind of computer operating system do I need?
The video web conferencing software that you will be using to
access our online classroom is compatible with PCs, Macs, IOS and Android.

2. How do I communicate with my teacher during class time?
You and your teacher will be communicating through Skype.
Skype is completely free to download and it will allow you and
your teacher to phone each other through the internet for free.

3. Are your teachers fully qualified?
Yes – our teachers are native speakers and hold either a university degree
on their own language and/or literature or a qualification
in teaching their language as a foreign language.

4. What if I don’t like the trainer?
While not usually an issue, we appreciate this can happen. If you don’t click with your trainer,
we will arrange a replacement and you will not be billed for the first session.
If no replacement is available, you will receive a full refund.

5. Do I have to add Sales Tax to your prices?
No. There is no sales tax to add to our prices.

6. Will I have the same teacher for the duration of the course?
Aside from circumstances in which a student explicitly asks for 2 or more teachers,
we do our very best to make sure that you keep your original trainer for the entire course.
Our teachers are, however, only human,
and on rare occasions we may be forced to swap a trainer during your course due to sickness
or a change in their personal situation. In our experience, however, this is an unusual occurrence.

7. Will I receive course materials?
Yes. We organize all materials for you. These materials will be sent to you by email.

8. Can I attend my lessons from a hotel room or internet cafe?
Yes, you may attend your lessons from any place that has internet access.
However you will need to make sure that your place of study has a very low noise level.
Internet cafes are sometimes full of people and the back ground noise can be a distraction
to both you and your trainer. Where ever you choose to
study please make sure that you can concentrate.

9. What kind of hardware do I need?
It is essential that you have each of the following- a headset, microphone and a webcam.
You will be listening and speaking to your trainer through your headset and microphone.
We strongly recommend that you have a webcam as this will make the interaction
between you and your trainer much more pleasant and productive.

10. What kind of internet connection do I need?
You will need a broadband or cable connection.
A dial-up connection will be usually too slow for you to properly interact with the software
used during your lessons although it might be good enough for the occasional
lesson if you have no other alternative and are on the move.

11. What happens if my internet goes down or I lose my connection?
We can reschedule the class if meet the bad connection.

12. Can I change the session times once I start the course?
Yes. You are totally flexible to rearrange your lesson times directly
with the teacher or email us (as long as you give 12 hours notice).